Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fidel Castro Better Every Day
Responding to concern in Lima over President Fidel Castro´s health, Pedro Ross, head of the Cuban Workers Union (CTC), reported the president´s marked improvement.
Fidel Castro is very well, every day improving and he is walking, Ross said to thunderous applause during a dialog with hundreds of sympathizers of the Cuban Revolution.

The union leader, who ends a six-day visit to this country tomorrow, said there is absolute calm in the island in spite of the difficulties with the statesman s health. Fidel Castro had emergency surgery at the end of July.
Life in Cuba goes on as well as before, said the also member of the Cuban State Council, after remarking that the supposed transition prompted by US president George W. Bush will have to wait until most Cubans die.
Facing those not-so-new threats, Cuban men and women are ready to receive aggressors with rifles in hand, said Ross.

The Cuban union leader then dealt with the country s economic advances. Previously, he and the delegation that accompanies him held talks with the Peruvian CGTP (General Confederation of Workers).
Ross also visited the city of Arequipa and conversed with leaders of Peru s leftwing political parties.