Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fidel received the writer Miguel Bonasso
The Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz received the President of the Commission of Natural Resources and Environment of the House of Representatives of the Argentine Republic, Miguel Bonasso, who is in Cuba as personal representative of the President from his country to the meeting of the Group of the 15, which will take session tomorrow in occasion of XIV the Summit of the Movement of non-Aligned Countries. In touching and brotherly encounter, Fidel showed to the outstanding writer and Argentine journalist the first unit of the second Cuban, reviewed and enriched edition with new data, of the book "One hundred hours with Fidel", who will be flattered to the Government and Chiefs of State and other present personalities in the Summit of the NOAL.The Commander-in-Chief told to Bonasso the intense process of revision of the book, to which he dedicated numerous hours, even in the middle of the strategic tasks of conduction of the Power Revolution and the fabulous educational and health programs in which the country is involve now. He said that the book became a something very important to him, not only by the necessary precisions of content, just by the commitment that he has made with the Cuban people to review it, to print a new edition that could be distributed in all the country. One and other again he reviewed each chapter of the book until the minimum detail, even during the trip to Argentina, the intense day of the 26 of July and in the process of recovery after the operation, even at the most complicated moments, when he did not know of how long would arrange to do it, with the objective to fulfil his commitment with the Cuban people.The result is just more than an edition finished, with deep and important reflections and unpublished documents that add more value to the exceptional testimony of the leader of the Cuban Revolution. Fidel and Bonasso also interchanged opinions on diverse subjects of interest of our special region and in on the development of the Miracle operation, by which 400 000 patients have been operated in hardly two years, the great majority Latin American and Caribbean. In addition to the advanced centres whereupon counts the country, where have been made most of these operations, Cuba has installed Oftalmological Centres of high level in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti and Venezuela, to take care of patients of those countries and bordering nations. In Bolivia, where several centres are installed, the capacity of operations reaches more than 100 thousand annual people. During the encounter, Bonasso gave to Fidel a trip portfolio, as expression of its confidence in which he will continue travelling by the world taking the voice and the message of Cuba. He expressed to him that he saw him far better that what he has imagined from the published thing and he appreciated him with the same spirit and the lucidity whereupon saw him in Cordova, the last July, when they shared several moments during the days of that visit.Fidel thanked Bonasso for his presence in Cuba and its decided support to the Latin American integrating projects, since he has demonstrated with his participation in several encounter of intellectuals of the region and their presence to it in the presidency and his presence as orator in the crowded act in the Revolution Square the past February 3rd, when the International Jose Martí Prize was given to the President Hugo Chávez , and in the presidency of the historical act of April 29th, when the incorporation of Bolivia to the agreements of the ALBA took place.Taken from Pagina/12
Fidel was chosen President of the MNOAL
The Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, was chosen President of the MNOAL today by acclamations of the Movement of Countries non-Aligned in the XIV Summit, that began today under the conduction of Raul Castro, Chief of State in functions of Cuba. To proposal of Prime minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Fidel received the applause of the leaders of more than 100 delegations of countries members, in his condition of President of the MNOAL, which assumes for the second time. Minutes before, the Cuban chancellor Felipe Perez Roque informed that Raul Castro, Chief of State in functions, would head the delegation of the greater one of the Antilles, in as much the Commander-in-Chief recovers satisfactorily and follows the prescription of the doctors, who indicated rest to him.The own Badawi in self expressed to the plenary , and it was accepted by acclamations, that the First Vice-president of Cuba would assume the presidency in functions of the Summit, until Fidel reassumes his responsibilities of State and Government.The XIV Conference of the MNOAL began in the morning shortly after the 10, as soon as Raul gave the official welcome to the heads of delegations. In the presidential entrance of the Palace of Conventions of the Cuban capital, Raul interchanged greetings with each one of the presidents, prime minister and other high leaders, to those who the Honour guard presented his respect.After the intervention of Felipe, the Prime minister of Malaysia made a report of the activity of the MNOAL in the last three years, in which this forum of agreement was revitalized it self in the defence of its original principles.“We trust that Cuba will be able to direct the Movement, its history gives us the certainty that non-Aligned will be in the good hands of Cuba and it will reach higher levels”, said Badawi.“Then I assume”, said Raul when he took possession.
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Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez Visit with Fidel Castro

Commander in chief Fidel Castro met with the presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez on Saturday night, the second time he spoke with the two South American leaders in less than a week.
The three presidents exchanged impressions on the 14th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement that was wrapping up in Havana. They agreed on the need to work to further revitalize the movement as the representative organization of the aspirations and views of Third World nations.
Evo and Fidel talked about the projects implemented between the two nations as part of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and the Peoples Free Trade Treaty of Nations, promoted by Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba.
Fidel Castro expressed his deep admiration for President Morales and extolled his extraordinary struggle for Bolivians to recover control over their country's natural resources.
The Cuban leader spoke with his close friend Hugo Chavez about increased cooperation with Bolivia in the fields of health, education and other social fields.